April 5, 2007

Perspective Drawing

Okay, so enough with the wordy introspection, lets get some work up here! Here are some sketches I did for my perspective drawing class with Mike Matessi at the Entertainment Art Academy. The class has been helping a TON! When I started I had only a vague idea of two- and three-point perspective, and consequently I tended to avoid environments in my paintings and sketches. The class is almost finished now and I'm sooo much more comfortable with the principles of perspective drawing. When I go for a walk I can see extension lines everywhere! I think I'm going crazy.


Edmund Liang said...

ian, i can just say that you have DRAMATICALLY improved on your sense of perspective.

great job. proud of you!

Anonymous said...

FELICIDADES... excelente técnica y tratamiento cómico-dramático de la tematica. Interesante la puesta en escena de los dibujos.
Gracias por compartirlos.
Un saludo