December 17, 2007

So What Now?

This I made a few weeks ago to illustrate a sermon called "So What Now?" about responding to the unexpected changes in life.

Drawing this was a good learning experience, I started out the process with a specific style in mind, one that is only very newly developing for me. After many attempts, I found it stifling to try to inject that style into this picture while it's still immature. Eventually I realized it'd probably be best just to draw the picture without too much attention to style, and let whatever comes naturally for me be the look. That worked much better!

I did a lot of stages in building up the drawing, from thumbnail, to figure wireframes, to a rough sketches, and a final drawing. It was very helpful, so I'll try to make the most of that process in the future, while hopefully streamlining it a bit more with practice.


Midodok said...

This is great! That poor unlucky family!

I think the scratchy burst thing to the right (what would you call something like that?) is my favorite touch. Not only does it add the feeling that the notebook computer got fried, but it also emphasizes the emotional state of the family at the moment. That scratchy burst thing (what are they called?) is suggesting "BOOM!--WHAAAAAT!??!". It's reminiscent of emotional represantaions in Japanese comic books or those scenes in Ratatouille where they visualize how food tastes.

Very cool!

Edmund Liang said...

My my my....Ian, your illustrations are getting better and better.

MORE i say. MORE.

Great job on this one.

Kin Lok said...

Oo i like this 1 alot. Dude I think I know that kid =D