June 11, 2013

Battle-Ready Roman Soldiers

Battle Ready is a children's ministry curriculum book aimed towards boys 3rd-5th grade, published by NRG Curriculum. This book focuses on helping boys become more alert towards harmful attitudes and teaches helpful new perspectives and attitudes to adopt as they face the "battles" of life. The lessons use detailed imagery and activities inspired by the historic Roman army as well as the Bible's "armor of God" concept in Ephesians 6:10-18.

The cover illustration for this book was a great opportunity to take the various historical elements described in the lessons and put them all in action within one intense scene. The rendering style for this illustration bears some similarity to recent movie posters for favorite comic book heroes, providing a connection the boys can relate to. My hope is that teachers can use this illustration to help get the kids excited and inspired by these well-equipped warriors of the past.

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