December 9, 2010

"Star Search" Children's Illustration

Recently completed the cover illustration and interior design work for Star Search, the third in a series of children's ministry curriculum guidebooks. The books are published by NRG (Next Righteous Generation), an innovative new curriculum being developed by Deborah Bullock of Hope Church in Fort Worth, Texas. NRG applies current thinking on gender specific learning methods towards character development for elementary-aged kids. I really appreciate how the program works hard to reinforce the relevance of the Bible towards the kinds of real issues kids face day-to-day.

Star Search seeks to help girls discover positive role models from the Bible, and addresses the pressure so many girls face to look a certain way. Girls are encouraged to find lasting ways to live a life of purpose. This project really struck a chord with me-- even though I'm a dude, I can relate to the struggles with perfectionism and comparison that often lead to troublesome thinking and extremes of behavior. It's a topic I've addressed in past student work so what a privilege it was to get paid this time, and potentially reach a broad audience!

This illustration was loads of fun, I enjoyed working in such a vibrant color scheme! I tried to construct an image that would immediately convey the broad meaning and story, but on closer look also brings in more details about the content of the curriculum.

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