November 13, 2009

Gifts in Return

This sermon illustration for Church in the Valley, was designed to accompany a new message series called "Gifts in Return." The pastor discussed the gifts we give to God in return for all the amazing gifts he first gave us. The theme ties in nicely with both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so naturally the graphics took on a seasonal look as well.

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Midodok said...

I like the way you shared the shaded pencil drawing. Did you just have to paint over it in Photoshop with transparent colors?

Midodok said...


iandale said...

Thanks! Usually I'll place the shaded pencil layer on top of the painting layers, so that I can paint freely without obscuring the pencils. The pencil layer then adds nice organic texture to whatever gets painted underneath. Sometimes, I'll add a some finishing touches on top of the pencil layer as well, such as the highlights on the ribbon, I thought it would make sense for the highlights to obscure the pencils to some extent.