April 18, 2013

Live Painting at Alhambra's First Friday #2

Another live painting in Downtown Alhambra, the theme for April was "Film" so I made this mashup of genre imagery from films. Most of it is not directly referenced from a specific film, but meant to be wacky and fun and capture the overall spirit of the movies.

I feel like my proficiency with this painting style is really coming together.  Just a little bit of preliminary sketching and research was needed this time (though I'm sure more would have helped if I had the time). Of course, I've been researching dinosaurs for about 30 years so I'm sure that helps too :)


Cindy D. said...

Wow! Really fantastic. Love the progress pics too! You could have entered this to Illustration Friday! I do really love the style and character you did enter for "Wild".

Ian Dale said...

Hi Cindy, I just noticed your comment. Thanks so much for your kind words! Maybe another good topic will come up for Illustration Friday where I can enter this one.