May 7, 2012

Alhambra Art Walk

Had a great time participating in the first ever Alhambra Art Walk! Thanks so much to the organizers and to those who came to say hi!
I had some past work on display, but primarily was doing a live painting performance. It was envigorating to do a large painting in the midst of a large crowd, live music, and festive atmosphere. 
Painting live is also a good creative exercise, it forces me to take risks, acting quickly and decisively... can't get too attached to the final product.  Overall I was pleasantly surprised with how the painting was coming along. I didn't finish, but I may use the painting as a practice-run for a more finished picture later.
The Alhambra Art Walk will continue every first Friday throughout the summer. Not sure how often I'll participate, but I'm looking forward to see how the event evolves!

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