September 5, 2007


Tomorrow is my birthday so I figured it's a good time to be indulgent with a couple of recent self-portraits. This first one was during a bit of artist's block last week.

This one grew out of a little sketch of some items on my desk, and morphed as I followed down the page. I was using a new pen, a Micron .005 mm, which has a very thin but very solid line. It forces me to be very thoughtful about each stroke as I'm drawing, which is a good exercise for impulsively sketchy me.


he said said...

I wish I could barf art supplies. It'd be way cheaper.

Happy belated birthday, Ian!

Anonymous said...

It looks more like they are falling into his mouth than being barfed out to me. I'm glad I don't eat art supplies. It'd be too expensive!

Edmund Liang said...

enjoying the new styles.

line quality has improved a lot ian.

props on that. ;D